Tree House at Tongabezi Lodge

One of the most charming accommodations at Tongabezi Lodge is the Tree House - an impeccably designed open-plan suite built in an ancient Ebony tree. The views over the Zambezi River are fantastic from every corner, and the décor is a creative fusion of African fabrics, furnishings and artworks with quirky Asian coffers and Turkish carpets. Special features include a lovely private terrace that extends over the water, and an indulgent open-air bathtub for your exclusive use.


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I literally start every sentence with “dude” or “bruh”


I literally start every sentence with “dude” or “bruh”

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How to have a more peaceful life


1. Recognise how much your thoughts affect your feelings – and work on changing your self-destructive thinking.
2. Stop trying to be someone you’re not meant to be.
3. Stop trying hard to please other people all the time.
4. Expect to meet hurdles and to experience disappointments.
5. Enjoy experimenting with your creativity.
6. See life as an adventure, full of possibilities.
7. Be grateful for the small things that brighten up your day.

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